Albertosaurus are enemies that hard to kill because of it high health also serve as has three hitpoint.shotting it will not lost any of it hitpoint so it better to jump on his head rather than shooting them.second time you must shot back tnt crate at them.then after three will throw nitro crate that must be shot back.again it must be done three time.then he will throw big tnt crate and finally iron crate that mush shot back three time.thrid time is bit harder because you and your partner will be shotting and avoiding rock and boulder that it throw.large boulder can be shot back when there are"t a minecar blocking it,do this four time to win.fourth time it will shot you and you must shot it before it stop reload when he this six time.phase 1-3 he will be shotting fire gun and move around the room.phase 4-5 he will be shottin at table then jump over to the behind of the table.phase 6 he will stays on the table and shot and reload after small series of bullets.fiveth time it will throw both green that you can on it and red that you must this six time enter monster fight.phase 1 he will throw one green,several red.phase 2 he will throw 2 green,few red.phase 3 he will throw 3 green,several red.phase 4-6 is exatly the same where you need to jump on it head.he has total of nine hitpoint.